2787115Our Curriculum

Apex Peak is a bilingual early language acquisition preschool. Spanish is our focus second language and we introduce the basis of linguistic and phonetics for Portuguese and French through playful instruction.

Our curriculum is eminently based on the Montessori Method and philosophy and is continually enriched with emergent pedagogic elements, disciplines and standards.

Technology –intuitive to children of this new millennium- is present in many forms and is used to learn with and through it in our classroom.

In our preschool core curriculum goes beyond letters and numbers or standardized expectations and aims to the core values sought by Ivy League Schools: problem solving, creative thinking, team working and attuned leadership. We know that these characteristics are present since birth and should be carefully tended to and encouraged. The Montessori Method, along with the integrated holistic approach of Luz y Sal schools, aims to foster and strengthen these traits in our children for the rest of their life.

Our highest value is a smart, kind, and happy child, eager to learn and contribute. Luz y Sal environments promote this as well as individual growth, community involvement and positive character development.

Preschool Program Schedule

Our school operates from 8:15 to 5:30 pm and our program is divided in three schedules:

Morning                      8:30 am  to 12:30 pm

Extended Day             8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Full Day                      8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Children can attend 2,3,4,or 5 days a week regardless of their age.

Since we understand life with children, APP has a limited make-up-days policy and we’re flexible with attendance days, however, for the best interest of the child, we strongly suggest following the most stable schedule possible.

Monthly Tuition*

Our Monthly tuitions are based on the 4 hour morning program fees. Extended and Full Day programs increase by 50 and 100%  the tuition fee respectively, however we know that families’ needs may vary according to parents’ work schedules, so we try to tailor tuition costs. If you have any questions or may need a mixed combination of preschool /care hours, please contact us so we can quote you an exact tuition.

Our school offers a 15%  2nd child discount for regular attendance registered siblings.

Days of attendace Half Day Extended Day Full Day
(8:30am to 12:30pm) (8:30am to 3:30pm) (8:30am to 5:30pm)
2 days a week $395 $595 $795
3 days a week $445 $665 $890
4 days a week $500 $745 $1000
Full week $545 $815 $1090

*As a Luz y Sal school, we are committed to providing education and creating better communities, and in so, we are able to offer scholarships, tuition assistance and flexible payment methods based on individual, case by case, requests.

Registration and Supply Fee

APP has a one-time Registration Fee, and a yearly Supply Fee per student.

The Supply Fee is paid every August and covers all the language and didactic materials, toiletries, school supplies, smocks, accessories and knick-knacks needed to cover our activities: from hand washing to special hair-dos, from writing to gardening, and for every season. Supply fee will be pro-rated for children enrolling out of the September start of year, or only for Summer school.

One-time Registration Fee      $100.00
Yearly Supply Fee                      $150.00

Diapers and “Toilet Learning”
We will gladly aid and support our children -and their families – with this huge milestone and independence goal. Toilet independence is not a requisite for enrollment in our preschool program.

Snack Policy

APP is an Opt-Out school for the Nutrition standards of regulated daycare. This basically means that parents provide all snacks and lunch according to their personal diet preferences or needs. We encourage drinking water at school, and would have the emergency snack or lunch for when the need arises. At school we have the ability to refrigerate and warm food on a daily basis. No food is stored at school, nor kept overnight.

Children can bring from home any snack and beverage they want, but we do have a total no-peanuts allowed rule, in any form. Meals are an important experience in our school, so, tasting and sharing of snacks is common with parents’ authorization. Please make sure you let us know, in your application form, if there are any allergies, diets or preferences we should be aware of.

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