Our Mission

The mission of all who make Apex Peak Schools is to strengthen communities and to support all families by investing in the only real future: Our Children.

The goals of all we are, and all we do, are:

  • To give every child the chance to grow strong, capable and healthy; in full appreciation of the marvelous machinery that is the human body, and in full understanding of the importance of keeping it active, respecting its needs and integrity.
  • To provide a safe, structured environment, where children can thrive in full knowledge that they are important, vital, and our only chance of a better tomorrow.
  • To assure each child that they are worthy of time, respect, attention, love, and care; because they are our inheritance to the world, and because we borrowed the world from them.
  • To foster a love of learning and discovery. To value and enhance the gifts and differences of all children at their own developmental stage, so they can reach their full and adequate potential.
  • To instill in every child –and family– a sense of empathy, community, and an enthusiastic eagerness to be a positive citizen of the world.

Kindness above all

At our school, the most important trait is Kindness. We believe that human nature is inherently good and that we all want to be the best we can be. At our school, there’s no time-out chair or bad behavior. We as early childhood educators know that at this age we’re helping children to learn why and how to get the response they want from the world around us.

Each child will respond differently to the world and we’ll strive to help them understand why good manners and kind actions are a positive and powerful source of joy for everyone!

Children will be encouraged to  follow a Happy Hands Policy and to always be kind, to apologize when necessary, and to  make  better choices.