Montessori + Luz y Sal

Can Montessori be even better?



Great Grandpa Norman, 1906

100 years have gone by since the first Montessori classroom.
The way we live, learn, play, and work has changed.
Our curriculum is firmly based on the research and philosophy of
Maria Montessori, but is enriched by the pedagogic creed
and discoveries of many other great scientists, philosophers and educators.

Our active curriculum is child centered,
integrated, emergent
& playful!

or in other words:
Follow the child, enrich and contribute to the child’s curiosity and interest,
tailor the lesson to the child’s individual developmental stage and
intellectual process
, and be on your toes!

Y hablamos Español, Portuguese & French, everyday.

Come and spend a day in our classroom and
experience how we all learn together!



Great Grandson Michael (and Ms.Veronica), 100 years later!

The Montessori classroom may be the only true global classroom, as children all around the world share the same learning experiences and tools. In order to enhance this, a true multiculturalism is embedded in our curriculum.

Our school lives the world through music, literature, arts, play and language.  Spanish, French and Portuguese  complete our “America’s” languages and are taught everyday in a semi-immersion environment.

Technologythe language of the new millennium – is everywhere in our classroom and is integrated in everyday activities.



Luz y Sal is the proprietary name for three generations of living, learning and loving life!  A registered philosophy and educational methodology, Luz y Sal provides the blueprint to learning, and teaching, so knowledge joyfully  serves one and all, with  a deep sense of community, and for the best future possible for the whole world.