Language Programs

Our Apex Peak Language programs are for children in elementary and middle school grades.

We currently offer Spanish, Portuguese and French.  If you’re interested in another language, please let us know as we may have a group waiting to be opened.

Luz y Sal™ Logologia  is the base of our language programs, therefore, we also offer English classes to support ESL students  and to strengthen language arts, reading, grammar, and spelling.

Apex Peak Language students enjoy access to the Montessori-Rosetta Stone On-Line educational resources.


Fees and Monthly Tuition

One-time registration fee:         $100.00 (if not previously registered with the school)
Foreign Language materials:     $75.00 per semester

Monthly Tuition based on days per week:

1 = $120.00

2 = $220.00

3 = $300.00

4 = $360.00

Our school offers a 10%  2nd child discount for regular attendance registered siblings.

Register for K-8 after-school language programs here!