Congratulations Cárdenas Family! On to the 3rd Qualifier with 3 Colombians on the Top Ten. We’re rooting for you! Go Colombia!

Felicidades Familia Cárdenas! Rumbo a la tercera ronda, y con 3 Colombianos en los primeros 10 sitios! Desde acá, estamos con ustedes enviando nuestros mejores deseos! Viva Colombia!

Tomorrow we are starting Camp Google with Ocean Week!

Along with our Language and Culture theme weeks for the Summer, Apex Peak Schools will be joining Google Camp Summer 2015! Join us!


As many of you may know Red Nose Day is a fund raising campaign to support programs that aid children living in poverty. Our children have the privilege of solid families and a life in a country where dreams still come true. I’ve been teacher in places where we would not use beans or rice in the classroom, because that was needed and cherished food, so I can’t help feeling extremely happy because our Peak Family can share blessings, smiles and love. So let’s keep the spirit and make any day a great red nose day!

To donate join us at…/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.9269959/…

This week is all about insects and about playing Piano, so we’ll have some impromptu concerts after snack time. We’ll talk about the difference between music and noise…

Duke Tip

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Here a link to a tip from Duke Tip, that I think is relevant to what we encourage in school.

My only note to that is that all those skills and attributes like decision-making and self-regulation must be encouraged from the very early age.

You’ve all heard me say that I find that freedom -liberty- is the muscle of the soul. You have to exercise it in the right way to make it strong and beautiful. Exercising liberty requires many opportunities to learn how to do it the right way, and the early years at crucial in developing this discipline.

Other than that, here the article which I find well thought and founded.

Take care!

So, children, what’s are we celebrating today?

– The Birthday of the Dollar President! A very good president!
– Miss Vero, where do we put bad presidents?

Happy Presidents’ Day to me!